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CWT Vacations Host Agency Program
Stable. Supportive. Successful.

A leisure division of global leader, Carlson Wagonlit Travel-providing you with the best opportunities for you to have a successful travel company.

CWT Vacations Host Agency Mission Statement. — Helping you serve your travelers through efficient and innovative travel solutions. CWT Vacations Host Agency Program has strong vendor relationships, a high quality team, with a culture of service to support your business needs. Our mission is to help unleash your powerful potential.

PURE — having exactly the talents or skills needed for a particular role ( a pure shooter in basketball ) (1) : free from what vitiates, weakens, or pollutes, (2) : containing nothing that does not properly belong, (3) having all of what is essential, — the best.

  • Largest array of product including exclusive CWT Vacations and Virtuoso offers
  • We have maximized and surpassed all other agencies in total agency volume and sustainability that dates back to 1876.
  • We own and partner with over 150 agency locations and territories around the world.
  • We are the largest buyer of other travel agencies worldwide.
  • We own our own After-Hours service.
  • Our leisure and corporate buying power is TOP within our industry.
  • Virtuoso's 3rd largest member.
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