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Last updated January 2017

CWT Vacations Host Agency Program

Stable. Supportive. Successful.
A leisure division of global leader, Carlson Wagonlit Travel-providing you with the best opportunities for you to have a successful travel company. CWT Vacations Host Agency Mission Statement. — Helping you serve your travelers through efficient and innovative travel solutions.

CWT Vacations Host Agency Program has strong vendor relationships, a high quality team, with a culture of service to support your business needs. Our mission is to help unleash your powerful potential.

PURE — having exactly the talents or skills needed for a particular role (a pure shooter in basketball) (1) : free from what vitiates, weakens, or pollutes, (2) : containing nothing that does not properly belong, (3) having all of what is essential, — the best.
  • Largest array of product including exclusive CWT Vacations and Virtuoso offers
  • We have maximized and surpassed all other agencies in total agency volume and sustainability that dates back to 1876.
  • We own and partner with over 150 agency locations and territories around the world.
  • We are the largest buyer of other travel agencies worldwide.
  • We own our own After-Hours service.
  • Our leisure and corporate buying power is TOP within our industry.
  • Virtuoso's 3rd largest member.


"The CWT Vacations IC program and management gives me the flexibility to work the hours that I choose as well as access to a wealth of assistance and experience that no other organization can offer. Being associated with CWT Vacations introduces me to the best travel products and preferred suppliers and offers me the highest commission offered to ICs. The management is knowledgeable, respectful and treats me fairly."

Linda R. from Houston, TX
"I have recently become an Independent Contractor with CWT Vacations after being a corporate employee. Once I made the decision to become an Independent Contractor the host agency management team took my hand and assured me all would be ok. My anxiety level finally began to lessen. As the time came closer for the transition, every issue, every question, every concern was met by this wonderful group of women. Their expertise and professional attitude makes me proud to be with CWT Vacations. While I was expecting the worse, basically my transition has been seamless. Every concern and problem has been dealt with in the most professional manner. Thanks to the hand holding of this team, I could not have asked for an easier transition. I am truly grateful for this team's aid and assistance."

Independent Advisor Carol N.
"I believe that the IC Program with CWT Vacations is the best program available to those wanting to continue their business from home or remote areas. My experience has been superb. They offer excellent management, resources, training and keep me informed of the changes and newest things available in the industry."

Kim W. from Scottsdale, AZ
"Prior to my relationship with CWT Vacations, I worked for one of the top travel agencies in the world. As an agent with this particular company, I was restricted to only the company's offerings and choked by their constraints. Since joining forces with CWT as an independent contractor, I have found that I am more valuable to my clients. My partnership with CWT has given me access to an array of resources that have allowed me to create true experiences and not simply travel arrangements. It is extremely comforting to me to be under the CWT umbrella. After making two months' rent in my opening week, I can honestly say that I feel like I am on top of the world! Thank you Carlson Wagonlit Travel for helping to make not only my client's dreams come true, but also my own."

Independent Advisor Helena I.
"I am extremely impressed with CWT Vacations and their hosting program. Celebrity Cruises has had the pleasure of working with the CWT Vacations management team for over five years now, and their dedication, commitment and professionalism truly sets them apart. Their host program provides the financial stability that can come only from being associated with an agency of CWT Vacations' size, paired with the ability to maintain personal relationships with their management team. Celebrity Cruises is proud to have such a strong relationship with such a great partner."

Dondra Ritzenthaler
Senior Vice President of Sales
Celebrity Cruises
"Classic Vacations is very proud to have been selected as one of CWT Vacation''s preferred suppliers years ago. We enjoy working with all the employees throughout the country for all these years to deliver perfect vacation experiences every time. Delivering a luxury vacation is not only about selecting the right hotel, it is about a commitment to the highest standards of personal service and this is what CWT Vacations is all about."

Greg Bernd
CTC | Co-President
Classic Vacations
"I love belonging to such a professional organization, and one that proactively offers all the help and assistance possible to it's independent contractors. What a refreshing change for me."

M Byrum
(new IC as of 2/2010)


Independent Contractor keeps between 50 to 80% of all revenues based on Independent Contractors productivity.

Bonus Opportunities — Independent Contractor will receive an additional 5% commission of at least 2 vendors determined by the company.

Independent Contractor Start Up
  • Proof of $1 million Liability/E and O Insurance
  • Copy of work history
  • Signing of one year contract
  • Minimal start up fees
Independent Contractor Start Up
  1. Easy Link Fax (free) A number designated specifically for each individual where your faxes come directly into your email.
  2. CWT email address (free)
  3. Client Base online version (free) A highly utilized CRM tool for effective proficiency in retaining client information.
  4. 100% commission return for family travel - those who reside with you.
  5. Direct immediate email communication-weather delays, airport situations, train/rail situations ext. (free)
  6. Weekly informational email on internal promotional offers from suppliers and much more! (free)
  7. Incentives to earn more money - CWT supplier promotions (example: $25 gift cards on certain supplier bookings in 2011)
  8. Direct deposit (free)
  9. CWT participation in client gifts
  10. CWT Bonus commission program on select providers each year - an additional 5% on top of the commission you receive
  11. Bonus Referral Program - if you refer another IC into our program and contract is signed
  12. Non ARC merchant to run service fees -less transaction fee than other ARC agencies
  13. Optional Vacation coverage -partner with another IC with similar business
  14. WebEx development opportunities - 4 per month (2 supplier, 1 Virtuoso and 1 computer applications)
  15. CWT Corporate hotel program with reduced rates, block space etc. (over 18,000 hotels)
  16. Exclusive CWT Leisure Hotel program. (250 Hotels)
  17. Ritz Stars Program- additional client amenities
  18. Sofitel STARS program for agent benefits
  19. IRD (fee)
  20. After Hours (fee)
  21. Business Card (small fee)
  22. Virtuoso access (free)
  23. Virtuoso Travelmart Scholarship program for attending annual meeting in August.
  24. Discount at The Travel Institute for certifications in CTA, CTC, LS, DS material
  25. Regent Seven Seas Cruises Council Member
  26. Part of Classic Marketing Partners Group
  27. Member of Holland Americas Premium Preferred Program
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If you are an Independent travel advisor, considering joining our Host Agency Program, please email Susan Titterington for more information.

Need assistance with travel planning? Please refer to "Contact Us" or call 800-783-9200

Susan Titterington
Regional Manager, Host Agency Program

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